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Department Introduction

    Department of Internal Medicine

    The Department of Internal Medicine contains 7 division including Gastroenterology Cardiology, Chest medicine, Nephrology, Metabolism, Hema-Oncology and Infection disease. We also have intensive care unit, hemodialysis unit, lung function unit, cardiac function unit, sonography unit and gastroendoscopy unit for patients service.

    The members of the Department of Internal Medicine has 1 director, 5 division chiefs, 8 visiting staffs and 5 residents.

    The Department has equipped with several advance instruments, such as color Doppler cardiac echo and treadmill EKG test, pulmonary function test, various types of gastroendoscope and ERCP.All of them are applied in the medical examination and treatment to provide the best service for patients.

    Our department has 100 ordinary bed, 10 intensive care beds , 14 RCW beds , 20 isolated beds,and 10 dialysis beds. In addition, we have visiting staffs to provide more than 800 outpatient service daily.

    The Department of Internal Medicine is dedicated to the advancement of medical education research and clinical services. We also cooperated with medical center for residents and subspecialist training. Improvements of medical research and clinical service have gone hand in hand. Every year more than 4 papers have published in local and international journals by our staffs.


    Division of Gastroenterology

    Our gastroenterologic team performs abdominal sonography and UGI endoscopy on a regular basis to diagnose the common UGI tracts, pancreatic and hepatobiliary diseases. We provide push type small intestinal endoscopy and colonoscopy to diagnose small intestinal and colonic disorders, too.

    Despite medical therapy, we do EVL,EIS or both to control esophageal variceal bleeding. Most cases of peptic ulcer bleeding were treated by endoscopic hemostasis or surgery. In selected cases,we do sonic guided trucut biopsy for the diagnosis of hepatic neoplasms or liver parenchymal diseases.

    In case of hepatocellular carcinoma, we perform pure ethanol ablation therapy if indicated. We are facilitated with duodenoscope, papillotome, Dormina basket, and mechanical lithotriptor etc. to do ERCP,EST for the diagnosis and treatment of choledocholithiasis. Moreover, our team do percutaneous drainage or fine needle aspiration for the diagnosis and treatment of liver abscess as a matter of routine.

    The endoscopic room was facilitaed with state of the art endoscopic cleaning machine with systemic RO water supply to minimize the endoscopy related infections. In 1995, we constructed a local area network (LAN) with a file server and four workstations at the examination rooms of gastroenterologic division. During each examination, we record patient’s medical data in a sophisticated interface. All of the digital images of sonography and endoscopy were taken and stored as part of the database via photo cards. The report of each examination, including text and two full color images was made in the computer and , printed via a printer server. By the way, the database software supports structured query language (SQL) which makes it easier if we are intended to do some research work.


    Division of Cardiology

    We here cardiovascular division have two specialists , The disease entities such as coronary artery disease, hypertensive cardiovascular disease, congestive heart failure, bradyarrhythmia, Tachyarrhythmia, cardiomyopathy, peripheral artery occlusive disease ect. can be effectively managed by medication, echocardiography, 2-D M-mode code color Doppler, transesophagel & Transthoracic Encho cardiogrpy, Treadmill Exercise test, ergometry, 24 hrs Holters EKG, Swan-Ganz catheterezation, Temporary & permanent pacemaker implantation ect..


    Division of Chest Medicine 

    The attending doctor of our department is the specialist of the chest critical care and cheat medicine. We provide the perfect medical service , teaching and research.

    Six major parts:

    1.Chest ward

        It has 20 beds and chest echo, which provide the diagnosis and treatment.

    2.Respiratory care ward (RCW)

        It has 14 beds, which provide the treatment of chronic ventilation dependent patient.

    3.Isolation room

        It had 20 beds, which provide the treatment of active pulmonary TB patient.

    4.Brochoscope room

        It is equipped with various types of bronchoscope, including electronic bronchoscope, which has the facility real time image for clinical teaching.

    5.Pulmonary function laboratory

        It is equipped with computerized pulmonary function test instruments, including spirometry and bronchoprovocation tests.

    6.Respiratory therapy unit

        We have 4 well-trained respiratory therapists, and they afford the respiratory therapy service for the patient of the hospital.


    Division of Nephrology

    We are capable to manage nephrological disorders including acute and chronic renal shut down, various kinds of nephritis and nephropathy by renal ultrasonography and echo guide renal biopsy.

    There are 15 hemodialysis machine in the ward to provide hemodialysis, hemoperfusion service.

    These service are also available after office hour. The well trained hemodialysis nursing team have ICU experience and ACLS certification. We have traffic service for hemodialysis patients in our hospital.

    Department of Surgery

    The Department of Surgery contains five divisions including general surgery, breast surgery, digestive surgery, colorectal surgery, and plastic surgery. Each section of the surgical department is mature in term of surgical technique and knowledge, under friendly attitude and service, we had established an excellent honor with energetic team spirit. In the convenience of medical service, we had provided more than 20 years of service to Kaohsiung City. We are willing to be the guardian health angel for the people of the district. Since Sep. 2000, Under the leadership of our new Dean Yen. In respondse to the changing medical environment of Taiwan, a new future in our hospital was refreshed, to stipulate goal and plan.

    In our community medical service, our department had arranged many programs and health project in cooperation with the National Health Administration’s community. In order to actively participate with the community, with aim at the general population of the neighborhood and institution, we had made of questionnaire and stool examination to implementation of colon cancer screening. With the use of breast sonography service for community womenfolk, the breast cancer screening and education on breast self-palpation was executed. Both cancer screen services for the purpose of enforce the effectiveness of 2nd level cancer preventive medicine.

    In clinical surgery, the service was divided into: general surgery, digestive surgery, breast surgery, colorectal surgery and plastic surgery, with acclimatization of the surgery tide nowadays, the stepwise application of laparoscopic surgery were made in appendectomy, herniorraphy, gastrectomy, colorectal surgery and so on. The plastic surgery ascribed to the answer of modernist for the need of health and the combined demand for beauty, the plastic and cosmetic center were founded to provide slimming and embellishing service.

    We emphasize the need of coordination between specialist of different medical department in continuing medical education training program. In order to gain and exchange experience in each department and elevate the medical academic level. On the other hand, each employee is encouraging to learn further medical studies and pursue new technique, including postgraduate medical education whether in local or foreign medical center. All executed as a continuous program.


    Department of Pediatrics

    The department provides general health care of children below the age of fifteen years old. Our medical service included general outpatient service, emergency cases management, admission cases and newborn baby care ect.

    The pediatric ward and nursery are well equipped with oxygen tents and nebulizers for respiratory disease children, incubator and phototherapy sets for premature and jaundice newborn baby, other facilities included oxygenhood, ventilator and emergency resuscitation apparatus are also equipped.

    The outpatient service, besides healthy children routine examination and disease diagnosis and treatment , we also provide a series of routine free charge vaccination program. A lot of demanding charge vaccination program including influenza vaccination, hemophilus influenza b vaccination and chickenpox vaccination are also provided.


    Department of Family Medicine

    The Department of Family Medicine in Kaohsiung Municipal Min-Shen Hospital is established on 1986. It dose not only provide continuous, comprehensive, coordinate and convenient health care for individuals and the family in the community but also provide family medicine training program.

    Our services include health promotion, disease prevention, health maintenance counseling patient education, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illness in a variety of health care settings (eg., office, inpatient, long-term care, hospice care).

    Our resident are trained to be a general physician who can approach patients with the biopsychosocial model and deal with any undiagnosed sign, symptom or health concern in patients of all ages and take continous responsibility for providing the patient's care.


    Department of Dermatology

    Department of Dermatology of the Kaohsiung Municipal Min-Sheng Hospital was originally founded as Department of Dermato-Urology of the Kaohsiung Provincial Hospital (the Presucces-sor of Kaohsiung Municipal Min-Sheng Hospital) in 1975 by visiting staff of Department of Dermato-Urology of Hospital of Kaohsiung Medical college (the presuccessor of Hospital of KaohSuing Medical University)Dr. Fang Gang-Tang. Later the Department of Dermato-Urology was splitted into Department of Dermatology and Department of Urology and Dr. Fang Gang-Tang continued to be the chief of Department of Dermatology.

    Currently there are 2 full-time specialists of Dermatology and 1 part time specialist (the retired former chief of Department of Dermatology ) and 2 residents in our department. In outpatient service, we provide diagnosis and treatment of general skin diseases, skin biopsy and pathological examination for skin tumor and skin diseases, cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen and dry ice, electro-cauterization, ultraviolet light phototherapy, skin resurfacing and ablation of skin lesions by carbon dioxide laser, and cosmetic medicine and consultation. We also provide inpatient service for patients who need hospitalization for skin problem. The current cosmetic medical service we provide include variable products for skin care , Vitamin C phonophoresis, chemical peeling by Neostrata's glycolic acid products , and nevus ablation and skin resurfacing for scar by carbon dioxide laser. Intralesional steroid injection for keloid or hypertrophic scar is also available.


    Department of Urology

    The department is operating by there full time attending staffs and one visiting doctor from Kaohsuing Medical University to support our outpatient clinic. Our output clinic can provide complete service including: urolithiasis, urinary tract infection, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)and male sexual dysfunction.

    Majority of the hospitalized cases are patients suffered from urogenital malignancy and infection , urolithiasis benign prostate hyperplasia and other urinary tract disorder.Most of the operations were performed under endoscope rather than traditional open surgery. 

    The department is equipped with:
     1. Extracorporal shock wave lithotripter (DIREX NOVA ):The procedure can be performed in an outpatient basis or hospitalization.
     2.Dantec Menuet compact urodynamic device: It is essential for the survey of
    bladder and sphincter function and lower urinary tract obstruction.
     3.TOSHIBA CAPASS-II abdominal sonography.
     4.Endoscope such as semi-rigid and flexible ureteroscope and cystoscope and trans-urethral resection device.

    Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics

    The department of Gynecology and Obstetrics of Kaohsiung Municipal Min-Sheng Hospital has six attending staffs to carry out their work. The team is divided into individual obstetrics andGynecology units. The obstetric unit works closely with the neonatal pediatricians and baby room to provide full course medical care for mother and newborns. Prenatal 3-D and level two sono-graphies are routine works of our staffs .They provide not only general genecology clinic and prenatal examination but also manage high-risk pregnancy, gynecologic malignancy and benign tumors, climacteric syndrome and many other post-menopausal problems. Special clinics for infertility and female urodynamic disorder are also available.

    For public health care and education , our staffs play important role in prevention and early detection of cervical cancer by providing pap smear screening and colposcopic examination for any-age with sexual activity female citizens. With the help of allied health personnel, prenatal care, family planning, “Mother classroom”, premarital health examination are operating properly.Maternal blood examination for screening of congenital or hereditary disorders such as Down's syndrome and Thalassemia is another important part of their work. Application of laparoscopic technique and laser technique is the special interest and trend of our staffs to develop more precise and less invasive way to perform their operation. Artificial reproductive technology and amnion cell cultures with chromosome karyotype are another important basic and clinical field of research of the department.


    Department of Orthopaedics

    The team of the department is consisted of 6 attending staffs and 3 assistants, providing not only general orthopaedics service, but also special areas of expertise including trauma, spine, sports medicine, and joint reconstruction.

    The outpatient clinic provides complete health care and preventive treatment for a variety of bone and joint problems, including arthritis and osteoporosis. For operation, we can perform almost all the standard procedures, like fracture reduction and fixation by open or close method, ligament reconstruction or repair by open method or arthroscope, spinal fusion and instrumentation with transpedical screws or cages, and total joint replacement.

    Also, we contribute towards the ini-invasive surgery, which is the trend of the surgery in any fields. Except the familiar arthroscope, we are now developing the endoscopic spinal surgery, including endoscopic diskectomy, and VATS. The aim of the department is to provide excellent care and service to patients and the cases referring by physicians of our region.

    Department of Ophthalmology

    The department is run by 4 experienced ophthalmologists with state of the equipments such as YAG laser, Argon laser, non-contact tonometry, ocular A-B scan sonogram, auto-visual field octopus, visual evoked potentials, indirect ophthalmoscopy. They are capable to manage cataract by sonoguide scalping and artificial lens implantation, and correction of strabismus, correction of astigmatism, removal of pterygium, removal anterior chamber F.B. and hyphema, eucleation , evisceration of eyeball,repair of eyeball wound, trabeculectomy, removal dislocated lens combined vitrectomy (vitrector), excision of lid tumor or malignant, operation of trichiasis and blepharoptosis,

    and incision and curettage of chalazion and hordeolum.

    Department of Otolaryngology

    There are one attending staff, one visiting staff and one audiologist in the Otolaryngology Department. We evaluate and treat most problems for adults and children related to the ears, nose, throat and balance systems, including sinus disease and nasal allergy ,vocal disorders, hearing and balance disorders. We also evaluate benign and malignant tumors of the head and neck. Surgery such as septomeatal plasty, functional endoscopic sinus sugery, laryngomicroscope sugery and tympanoplasty are provided. We expect more ENT man to join us and provide clinical services in broad spectrum of this field to the patients.


    Department of Dentistry

    Department of Dentistry belongs to general practition that include operative dentistry , oral surgery (extraction of tooth and minor surgery),fixed prosthdontic ,removable prosthodontic, endodontic ,oral medicine etc.

    Besides, the department serves the on call duty of Emergency Room 24 hours and the other department consultation. Also, the department supplies for oral health examination and we take the responsibility of “government expense for elder denture of Kaohsiung city”.

    Department of Anesthesiology

    The team has two full time and training anesthesiologists and four well training anesthetic nurses to carry all anesthesia for our surgical cases about150-200 operations per month. Most of them are general anesthesia and spinal anesthesia, the rest are intravenous anesthesia and epidural anesthesia. They are equipped with modern standard anesthetic machines and vital sign monitors to ensure every anesthesia to be safe and smooth. They are capable to carry out high risk anesthesia for old age patients. Post-operative pain control is another popular service provided by our anesthesiologists. 


    Department of Pathoology

    The crew of pathology have 9 persons. One attending staff, 6 cytologic technicians and 2 secreteries. The items of services including biopsy, surgical pathology , frozen section and cytology (GYN& non-GYN).

    The machines including tissue processor, embedding system, microtome, frozen section, autostainer, cytospin, ovum, microwave, installation instructions, hood. The teaching services including CPC, SPC, and journal meeting.


    Department of Physical medicine & Rehabilitation

    The team of the department is consisted of 2 attending staffs, 3 physical therapist, 1 PT aid, 1 occupational therapist, 1 OT aid. The specialist of physician of rehabilitation and therapist are well-trained and qualified.

    Here in department, we offer the rehabilitation for handicaps or functional disturbances caused by stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury, sports injury, rheumatic arthritis, cerebral palsy and other specialty services such as: tendinitis, fibromyalgia, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, ankle sprain, osteoarthritis, cervical or lumber radiculopathy, herniated intervertebral disc (HVCD),scoliosis, lymphedema, osteoporosis, compression fracture, joint deformity, pain control, facial palsy and pediatric rehabilitation.


    Department of Radiology

    The department of radiology in our hospital includes a chief radiologist, 9 techicians,1nurse and 2 clerks.Our department is well equipped with diagnostic machines such as CT scanner, remotecontrolled florescenecope, mammogramphy system, portable machines,…ect. This system can provide a full range of diagnostic studies for most clinical needs. We are hoping to establish the MR system and PACS system in the near future.

    Department of Nursing

    To keep up with the emerging changes in our society, we make sure that our nurses are fully equipped for the task. Our nurses, a total number of 168, including the Director of the Nursing Department, the Vice Director and the 3 Supervisors, all have an average of 12 years’ nursing experience. Of the 168 nurses, 90% have a college degree; 79% have Professional Nurse certificate;

    23.8% have ICU certificate (Intensive Care Unit); 34.39% have ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certificate); 8.5% passed the N2 Level of the Clinical Advance Program; 63.4% passed the N3 Level and 20.3% passed the N4 Level.

    Our goal is to promote our Nurse’s Professional ability to provide high degree standard services and to develop services that not only keep up with the social changes but meet the people's needs.

    The basic service of our department is emergency medical service from which we develop Preventive Care and Continues Care. Under the Preventive Care, we offer hygiene education,cervical cancer screening, colorectal cancer screening, breast cancer screening and bone density examination. Once we find out an abnormality as shown in the screening result, we will do follow up work on the individual to provide full treatment. Under the Continuous Care, our offer Palliative Care, Discharged Planning Service, Home Nursing Service, etc.

    As a result of our Total Quality Management accomplished from Membership in TQIP (Taiwan Quality Indicator Project) and a high standard of quality control evaluated through 43 items, we are honored with a Certified ISO 9001(2000 edition) and the 2002 National Biotechnology & Medical Health Award in Community Service.  Most inspiring of all is our inpatients high satisfaction towards our service with a score of 94.11% and a satisfaction rate as high as 91.75% from our outpatients service.

    Accompanying with the current different medical environment and population structure changes, our nurses will devote to aged nursing care and chronic disease care and Community Health Service so as to fulfill our vision of being"The Best Community Medical Center".

    Department of Pharmacy Services

    The mission of Department of Pharmacy Services is teaching, research and services. The pharmacy provides patient education, pharmacy student education, and continuing pharmacist education. The pharmacists actively participate in research and publication. The Department of Pharmacy Services provides the following services:

    Ambulatory, Emergency, and Inpatient Pharmacy, Cancer Care Pharmacy,

    Drug Information, and Clinical Pharmacy.

    The Department of Pharmacy Services consists of one director and nineteen pharmacists. All members are qualified and registered pharmacists. The pharmacists are committed to improving patient health care by providing safe, effective, and innovative pharmaceutical care.

    The Department of Pharmacy Services encompasses five sections: Dispensing, Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacy Purchasing and Drug Services, Quality Improvement, and Research.

    The vision of Department of Pharmacy Services is to create an enjoyable workplace, and to motivate our staff to achieve a high standard of practice, and to strengthen its commitment to the ongoing health of the community. The Department is responsible for providing drug therapy toachieve definite outcomes that improve the patient’s quality of life.

    Department of Clinical Laboratory

    The department of clinical laboratories consists of microscope examination, biochemistry, microbiology section. The outpatient laboratory provides stat laboratory request.


    The microbiology section includes bacteriology and parasitology subsections with the new advance in medical science, our department adds computerized and new laboratory equipment each year an sends technician to medical centers for learning new technology.

    We also encourage our colleague on job training and continuing education for further academic career, now many staff in our department have won master or bachelor degrees.

    The department of laboratory improves quality control, in addition to quality ISO-9002(2000th) accreditation, we now apply for Chinese National Laboratory accreditation (CNLA). We provide learning practice for medical technology student to strengthen their skills. 


    Department of Nutrition Service

    The department is composed of four licensed dietitians. Through out-patient service and in-patient interview, the principal function is to provide nutritional care to patient and their family with better understanding of diet control and disease relation. We irregularly hold free nutrition and diet care class to provide general public and the sick with nutritional counseling.

    Content of service:

     1.Consultation of nutrition related questions.
     2.Provide preventive and therapeutic nutritional care.
     3.Provide diet instruction and fitness program to client for ideal body weight control.

    Service hour of diet instruction:

    Monday-Friday:Am 0900-1200    Pm 1400-1700

    Saturday:Am 0900-1200

    Department of Social Work

    We apply social work professional expertise and technique to help clients with their psychology, family, society, and economic problems that are caused by illness. We also provide the prevention or help to solve appearing problems and decrease harm caused by illness in order to let them to adjust themselves again to the family, social life, and to build up abilities for returning social function.

    To let general public participate in the work of patients serving, and to reduce the inconvenience for patients and their dependents receiving medial treatment, we advocate the volunteer program and make the best use of social resources to prove our hospital’s service quality and the image.

    Founding Charity Foundation is our approach using social resource to provide money as subsidy for medical treatment fee, and also for clients who have financial problems.

    To promote the hospital professional of the medical social work, we give impetus on the researches of the medical social work knowledge and technique.

    Providing social casework, social group work, community work service:

    For clients and their family

    1.Help clients and family to know more about the disease and the treatment in order to decrease their anxiety, and solve the financial, hospitalized, and nursing problems, which are related with the illness.

    2.Provide the appropriate guidance or refer to some related organizations for help, when clients become the critical persons that caused by illness in the family.

    3.Help the stable condition patients who are homeless or abundant by their family to findorganizations to place them.

    4.Provide clients and their family to have better service by using patient's committees, and family meetings.

    For community:

    1.Welcome high school, college students, and youth to participate the volunteer program during their winter and summer vacation.

    2.Combine with community resource, for example enthusiasts for public hospital, housewives, and retiree, to set up a volunteer work team dedicating them and provide service to the patients, which promote hospital service quality indirectly. Our services are as follow: information center inquiry, community health care services, mobile service, telephone appointment registration , delivering medical record, binding medical record for new patients, arranging the drug bag to pharmacy, wards visiting, cancer patients services, rehabilitation service, Health Insurance Card renew, health examination guidance, library service, civil administration, now we have 130 volunteers in our hospital.

    3.Communicate with community health, social welfare organizations to achieve the goal of referral, for example, social helps, child protection, elementary school student's education, institution placement, and funeral service.